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Intermediate Algebra

MATH 097


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Instructor(s): Jackie Madsen Robertson MS
Credits: 0.00

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High school algebra.


Elementary logic, real number system, equations and inequalities (linear, polynomial, rational, and radical expressions), graphing, function notation, inverse function, exponential functions, systems of equations, variations.

Course Content:

1. Some Basics of Algebra
2. Operations and Properties of Real Numbers
3. Solving Equations
4. Introduction to Problem Solving
5. Formulas, Models, and Geometry
6. Properties of Exponents
7. Scientific Notation
8. Graphs
9. Functions
10. Linear Functions: Slope, Graphs, and Models
11. Another Look at Linear Graphs
12. Other Equations of Lines
13. The Algebra of Functions
14. Systems of Equations in Two Variables
15. Solving by Substitution or Elimination
16. Solving Applications: Systems of Two Equations
17. System of Equations in Three Variables
18. Solving Applications: Systems of Three Equations
19. Inequalities and Applications
20. Intersections, Unions, and Compound Inequalities
21. Absolute-Value Equations and Inequalities
22. Inequalities in Two Variables
23. Applications Using Linear Programming
24. Introduction to Polynomials and Polynomial Functions
25. Multiplication of Polynomials
26. Common Factors and Factoring by Grouping
27. Factoring Trinomials
28. Factoring Perfect-Square Trinomials and Difference of Squares
29. Factoring Sums or Differences of Cubes
30. Factoring: A General Strategy
31. Applications of Polynomial Equations
32. Rational Expressions and Functions: Multiplying and Dividing
33. Rational Expressions and Functions: Adding and Subtracting
34. Complex Rational Expressions
35. Rational Equations
36. Solving Applications Using Rational Equations
37. Division of Polynomials
38. Synthetic Division
39. Formulas, Applications, and Variation
40. Radical Expressions and Functions
41. Rational Numbers as Exponents
42. Multiplying Radical Expressions
43. Dividing Radical Expressions
44. Expressions Containing Several Radical Terms
45. Solving Radical Equations
46. Geometric Applications
47. The Complex Numbers
48. Quadratic Equations
49. The Quadratic Formula
50. Applications Involving Quadratic Equations
51. Studying Solutions of Quadratic Equations
52. Equations Reducible to Quadratic
53. Quadratic Functions and Their Graphs
54. More About Graphing Quadratic Functions
55. Problem Solving and Quadratic Functions
56. Polynomial and Rational Inequalities

Online Courses:

Course materials are accessed online, and all assignments must be submitted online. Optional course readings may be available but do not include the self-check assignments or graded assignments.


Please note that all assignments in this course must be completed and submitted online using the software associated with the textbook. BYU Bookstore sells the required text, student manual, and software packaged together. Students may purchase them separately from another source. This course is provided to prepare students for Math 110 (College Algebra); there is no university credit for this course. NOTE FOR MAC USERS: It is strongly recommended that Safari be used as the browser (provided you are using a 2010 update or later and OS X version Snow Leopard or Lion).

   No Materials required for this course!