Adult Diploma Program

About the Program

  • Applicants must be at least 19 years old
  • Students must complete 24.0 credit hours; most required courses are worth 0.5 credit hour
  • Requires completion of at least two courses every six months (an extension may be granted if extenuating circumstances arise)
  • Students receive an official high school transcript upon completion
  • Students must complete a minimum of 3.0 credits through BYU Independent Study, regardless of credits earned at other schools.
  • Students must pass a basic skills assessment test (TABE 41: Test of Adult Basic Education) before securing a high school diploma. The TABE measures basic understanding of math, English, and reading and must be taken with a certified proctor. The test may be ordered over the phone by calling the Registration office at 1-800-914-8931 and paying a $10 registration fee. The test may be taken at any time during enrollment in the program, but must be passed before being eligible to receive a diploma.
  • Although the Adult Diploma Program is designed to be a four-year course of study, a student may complete the requirements in less time. High school credits that a student has earned from other schools, which are accredited by legitimate accrediting agencies, are generally transferable and may be applied toward meeting program requirements.  

Students may benefit from the Adult High School Diploma Program if they:

  • Are no longer eligible to complete their high school education in a traditional high school setting
  • Are trying to complete their high school studies while working full time and/or raising a family
  • Travel frequently
  • Are homebound due to illness
  • Move often

Students should not apply to the Adult High School Diploma Program if they:

  • Are younger than 19 years of age
  • Are a Utah resident who has taken and passed the GED test after June 30, 2009

Note for Utah Residents: Utah residents who take and pass the GED test after June 30, 2009 are no longer eligible to apply for the Adult High School Diploma Program. The GED becomes their Utah High School Completion diploma. Current students who choose to take the GED and pass the test will be withdrawn from the program. Students who fail the test may apply to or remain in the Adult Diploma Program. This policy change does not affect those living in other states who either pass or fail the test.

Adult Diploma Program Application

Required Courses

Please note: most high school courses are one semester equivalent or 0.5 credit hour unless otherwise noted.


(4 credits)

Complete any eight of these courses: 

English: ENGL 041ENGL 043ENGL 045ENGL 047ENGL 051ENGL 053ENGL 055ENGL 057
Literature: LIT 045LIT 047LIT 051,  LIT 061 
Writing: WRIT 041WRIT 043WRIT 045,  WRIT 047


(3 credits)

Complete three of these sequences: 

Algebra: ALG 051 and ALG 053
Geometry: GEOM 041 and GEOM 043
Algebra 2: ALG 055 and ALG 057


(3 credits)

Complete the following courses:

Biology: BIOL 041 and BIOL 043 

Complete four courses from any of the following categories:

Chemistry: CHEM 041CHEM 043CHEM 061CHEM 063 
Biology: BIOL 049
Earth Science: EARTH 041EARTH 043EARTH 051ENVRN 041 
Physics: PHSCS 041  PHSCS 043

Social Sciences

(3.0 credits)

Complete the following courses:

US History: HIST 041 and HIST 043
Geography: GEOG 041

Complete one course in each of these areas: 

US Government and Citizenship: GOVT 045
World Studies: HIST 061HIST 063HIST 065HIST 066HIST 067SOCSC 041

Complete one of the following Social Science Elective courses:

Business Law: BLAW 041
Economics: ECON 041
History: HIST 051HIST 052HIST 053, HIST 054
Sociology: SOCSC 041SOCSC 051, SOCSC 055
  Note: Effective July 1, 2015, Adult Diploma students must complete 0.5 social science elective credit.

Career & Technology Education

(1 credit)

Complete any two of these courses: 

ART 061 - Photography
AUTO 043 - Automotive Basics 
BLAW 041 - Business Law 
BMATH 041 - Business & Consumer Math, Part 1 
BMATH 043 - Business & Consumer Math, Part 2 
BMRKT 041 - Marketing 
CHILD 041 - Child Development, Part 1 
CHILD 043 - Child Development, Part 2 
CHILD 051 - Preparing for Responsible Parenthood 
CLOTH 041 - Clothing Construction 
CS 041 - Computer Science, Part 1  
ENGN 041 - Small Engine Repair 
FOODS 041 - Food and Nutrition, Part 1 
FOODS 043 - Food and Nutrition, Part 2 
GARD 041 - Home Gardening 
INFOP 041 - Keyboarding, Part 1
INTDE 041 - Interior Design, Part 1 
MEDIC 051 - Medical Terminology


(2 credits)

Complete the following course:

HLTH 041 (0.5 credit)

Complete one of these PE courses:

AEROB 045- Aerobics
BOWL 041- Bowling
CYCLE 041- Cycling
FIT 041- Fitness for Living
FIT 049- Fitness for Sports and Recreation
GOLF 041- Golf
JOG 041- Jogging
SWIM 043- Intermediate Swimming
TEN 041- Tennis
WALK 041- Walking Fitness
WTRNG 041- Weight Training

Complete any two of these Health courses, including any previously listed Health and/or PE courses:

FIT 045- Lifetime Weight Control
HLTH 042 (0.5 credits)- Health Education, Part 2
HLTH 043 (0.25 credits)- Eating Disorders and Basic Nutrition
HLTH 045 (0.25 credits)- Drug Use and Abuse
OCCUP 041- Preparing for Health Occupations
MEDIC 051 - Medical Terminology

Fine Arts

(1.5 credits)

Complete any three of these courses: 

ART 041 - Art Foundations, Part 1 
ART 043 - Art Foundations, Part 2
ART 045 - Drawing 
ART 051 - Calligraphy 
ART 059 - Introduction to Commercial Art 
ART 061 - General Photography 
GUITR 041 - Beginning Guitar
MUSIC 041 - Introduction to Music 
MUSIC 043 - History of Jazz 
PIANO 041 - Beginning Piano 

Computer Tech

(0.5 credits)

Complete the following course:

Computer Technology: CTECH 041

Financial Literacy

(0.5 credits)

Complete the following course:

Financial Literacy: FINL 041

Student Development

(0.5 credit)

Complete the following course:

Online Prep: Tools for Success!: STDEV 051


(5.0 credits)

Complete 5.0 credits of elective courses:

Click here to view the full listing of courses.

Note: An elective course is any non-required course offered that has not previously been taken. Courses that may fulfill the requirements for two or more subjects can only be counted once. If you are planning on attending college, it is recommended that you take 2.0 credits of a world language sequence as part of your elective courses.

Total Credits


Recommended Course of Study

9th Grade:

1.0 English
1.0 Math
1.0 World Geography/World History
0.5 Health
0.5 PE
0.5 Career & Technology Education
0.5 Stud Development
1.0 Elective
TABE (no credit)

10th Grade:

1.0 English
1.0 Math
1.0 Science
0.5 Health/PE
0.5 Career & Technology Education
0.5 Financial Literacy
1.5 Electives

11th Grade:

1.0 English
1.0 Science
1.0 US History
0.5 Health/PE
1.0 Fine Arts
1.5 Electives

12th Grade:

1.0 English
1.0 Math
1.0 Science
0.5 US Government and Citizenship
0.5 Career & Technology Education
0.5 Fine Arts
0.5 Social Science Elective
1.0 Elective

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