Quarter-Credit Courses

Quarter-Credit Courses

If you need to make up a quarter credit for graduation, we can help you fill in your scheduling gaps. Tuition starts as low as $97 per 0.25 (quarter) credit.

HLTH 043: Eating Disorders and Basic Nutrition

This course covers eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, various weight-related diseases, and principles of proper nutrition and physical activity. HLTH 043 compares optimum weight and nutrition to eating disorders.

HLTH 045: Drug Use and Abuse

This course helps students understand why people use drugs, how they use them, and what types of drugs are commonly abused. Because drugs can affect all of us, HLTH 045 raises awareness about drug use and abuse.

LIT 045: Understanding Literature

LIT 045 will assist students in reading, analyzing, and interpreting short stories, poetry, novels, and plays for content, thematic meaning, and personal relevance.

SELFG 041: Personal Freedom: How to Gain Control of Your Life

SELFG 041 is a practical course that considers freedom and interaction with others, freedom from conflict, and freedom within the family.

SELFG 043: Project Self-Discovery

In this course, students will increase their knowledge of what people are like and improve their powers of self-understanding and self-expression; they will learn how to gain self-confidence, self-acceptance, and a more meaningful life.

SELFG 047: Dating—Romance and Reason

This course covers dating—when, why, and whom; planning, asking, accepting; dating behaviors and cautions; personality differences, relationship skills, and the role of love in relationships.

SELFG 049: Essential Life Skills

In this course, students learn how to lay a foundation for successful, responsible adulthood by using time effectively, setting goals, avoiding procrastination, overcoming feelings of inadequacy, and developing self-motivation.

SELFG 051: Leadership

In this course, students learn about different types of leadership, characteristics of a leader, how leaders make effective decisions, and the secret to becoming a good leader.

SELFG 055: Study Skills

This course is designed to help students master themselves and their ability to study, learn, and retain information in a manner that most aptly fits their learning style. Students will discover their learning style, learn how to use time effectively, learn listening skills, and learn tips for taking better notes.