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Maxime is an international student that has utilized BYU Independent Study courses to help him complete his education, even amidst moving to other countries. BYUIS has provided him with the flexibility that he needed to successfully complete his courses. He sets a great example to his family members and online students everywhere with his incredible work ethic. We are proud to have Maxime be part of the BYUIS family!


Evan was able to gain confidence through taking BYU Independent Study courses. BYU Independent Study allows you to work at your own pace and find success in online learning.


Zach completed his last three years of high school through BYU Independent Study while his family was living in Japan. With affordable courses, BYU Independent Study allows you to take the classes that you need to and work at your own pace.


Betty wasn't able to finish high school when she was younger, but she recently earned her high school diploma through the BYU Independent Study Adult Diploma Program. BYU Independent Study courses are for students of all ages, in all circumstances.


Eli was able to further develop his talent as a cellist by completing high school online through one of the BYU Independent Study High School Programs. He is now a cellist at the Manhattan School of Music. BYU Independent Study courses fit with your schedule so you can do what you love.

John Collinson

John has continued his college studies while pursuing his dream of becoming a professional ski athlete and climbing the seven summits of the world ...including Mount Everest!

Lauren Anderson

Lauren is a BYU student who wanted to see the world, but she didn't want to delay graduation. So she packed her backpack full of textbooks and headed to Sydney, Australia for a semester. She explored around Australia, studying on beaches, in parks, and in government buildings. When she got back to Provo, she was still on schedule for graduation.