How to Master Your Online Class

How to Master Your Online Class

Online classes are a great option for those who have busy schedules that do not allow them to go to school, for those who need to take an extra class, or for those who simply want to learn more about a specific topic. Online education requires just as much work and dedication as any other class would. Follow these ideas to master your online classes and get the most out of your learning.

Schedule it like any other class: Because you don’t have to physically go into class every day, it is easy to fall behind. Schedule out a time during the day that you can commit to working on your schoolwork. When you are tempted to check your social media, watch a YouTube video, or do anything during that time that isn’t related to your class, remember, “I am at school right now”, and get back to work.

Email your teacher right away: Getting in contact with your teacher early on in the class will be a great benefit to your future grade and learning. Online classes can be difficult due to the fact that the teacher does not get to know you as well as they could in a classroom setting. But if you create that relationship with them early on, it will be much easier to communicate later on about questions, extensions for tests or projects, or extra credit opportunities. Generally, the better they know you, the more willing they are to help. At BYU IS we have tutors and teachers that can ask questions and help you when you’re having trouble.

Read and prepare ahead of time: Did you know that in almost every class you will ever take, your teacher will put together a document that lists out the due dates for all of your assignments and projects, extra credit opportunities, frequently asked questions, and their contact information? This information is usually readily available in your course syllabus. This document is very much underrated, but by using it correctly, you can stay on top of all of your classwork and get the grade that you deserve. At BYU IS we have our programs scheduled out so you can take your class in as long as a year or in as little as a month.

Take a class with a friend: Online classes can sometimes be difficult because you don’t have someone reminding you of upcoming due dates or changes the teacher has made to coursework. If you are able to take an online class with a friend, do it! You will not only have someone that can remind you of upcoming dates, but you will also have a buddy to talk with about your homework.

Have a back-up plan for your technology: Whether your Wi-Fi goes out, your computer crashes, or the website is down, make sure that you have prepared ahead of time an emergency plan to get your things done. Finishing your homework before the due date is always a sure tactic for success, but there are some other options; know where the closest place is that has open use of internet and computers, or look at the assignment ahead of time so that you can write it out by hand and then type it up once you have access to a computer again. Some classes will even let you download the content so that you can access it offline. There are plenty of options to be prepared, just make sure that you have your plan made ahead of time!

There are many factors to take into consideration as you take an online class, and these are just a few ideas that you can try. But by following these simple ideas and discovering what works best for you, you can master your online class.

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