Jenny's Story

We had the opportunity recently to hear back from Jenny, a former student who furthered her education with BYU Independent Study. Jenny was willing to share her experience with us, as well as with other students, with the hope that more people can be made aware of the flexibility and convenience that online courses through BYU Independent Study can offer. Here is Jenny’s story:


“During the summer after my first year of college, I took PSYCH 111 through Independent Study so I could make progress on my education but still be able to go back home (out of state) and work for the summer. It really worked perfectly. Due to my irregular work schedule, it would have been difficult to go to a community college, and this way I could complete assignments on my own schedule, from home.

“The online system was pretty intuitive and easy to navigate. The amount of work required for the class was clearly outlined, so I was able to budget time and estimate how much I would need to do each week. Since I didn't have to attend lectures, I could breeze through the easy assignments and spend plenty of time reviewing the trickier concepts.

“Also, the instructor was very invested in my success even though I never saw her face to face. The feedback she left on my assignments was prompt, thorough, specific, and constructive. I felt like she enjoyed teaching online classes and wanted me to do the best I can. The exams were a genuine challenge, and I felt that my studying had really paid off. I'm glad that the exams were proctored in-person, not online, because I felt like I was really taking an actual class (and BYU was making sure that no one could cheat).

“I would recommend Independent Study to anyone who has a difficult schedule or physical limitations when it comes to education. The classes definitely still require you to study hard and pay attention, just like normal school, but the convenience of an online format can be just what a person needs when they're in a pinch.”


Thanks again for sharing your story, Jenny!