Promo Code Week

(Updated June 2017)

Over the past couple months, we’ve received dozens of messages about when we would host our next Promo Code Week (PCW) event. To say that anticipation has been building is an understatement. At long last, we’re excited to announce that we’re putting on our next Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

This is your chance to get discounts of up to 80% off our high school and middle school courses by participating in the hunt.

Below are some details you’ll need to know:


At BYUIS, we recognize that students and their families want online education to be affordable. To help with this, we periodically hold our PCW events where we release a large number of discounts to anyone who wants to participate in the event.

In our event last June, over 450 students saved an average of $41 on our online courses throughout our PCW event.


The competition will run June 5th - June 9th beginning at 9:00 AM sharp Mountain Time (MST).

During the event, we will be posting clues in our Facebook Event wall for participants that give hints to where we’ve hidden the code for the day. We’ll post the first clue at 9:00 AM (MST) and other clues or updates periodically throughout the day. Your job is to follow those clues, find the code, and beat other contestants to the checkout.

Here’s the catch: there’s only a limited number of uses available for each code, so if you don’t use your code as soon as you find it, someone else might take it.

Note: The discount amounts of each code varies each day.


Any or all of the following platforms may be used as a hiding place for a promo code. We recommend you familiarize yourself with all of these platforms:

We’d encourage you to Join our Facebook event below so that you can stay updated on hints throughout the event and have the best chances for success. Here’s the event:


Social Media Basics:

Participating in Promo Code Week requires a basic knowledge of social media. Without this, you won’t be successful in finding and using your promo code.

However, just because you don't know how to use social media doesn’t mean mean you can’t participate! Simply find somebody who can help you. We’ll let you phone a friend – as many as you want!


If you are currently enrolled in our Advanced, Standard, or Adult Diploma High School programs, you are NOT eligible for this promotion.

If you register using any code from this promotion for one of these three programs, you may no longer be eligible to participate in your program and you will no longer qualify to earn scholarship courses.

In addition, discounts from PCW do NOT apply to university courses or purchase orders.

Contacting Support:

If you have questions or concerns regarding this event, please message us on our social media platforms. Social media messages are the only way you can get support for this event.

Please do NOT contact our customer service, tech support, or enrollments departments! If you contact another department via phone, email, etc. they will redirect you back to our social media channels for help.

Code Limitations:

Each code has a limited number of uses. If the uses for the code of the day have all been used, you’ll have to come back the next day and try again. We know it’s tough to miss out on discounts, but we won’t be able to offer individual exceptions for the limited uses.

If you don’t want to participate in the event or you missed out on a discount, we will make a discount code available to everyone for a limited time. The discount amount will not be as large as those found during the event, but will still allow you to get a discount.

Respect Others: 

The use of profanity, threats, or otherwise inappropriate comments towards any participant or BYU Independent Study will automatically disqualify you for any discounts. Repeated violations will result in immediate and final removal from all future events.

Happy Hunting!

Terms and Conditions: Unless noted otherwise, all promo codes must be used before 11:59 PM MST on June 30, 2016. Discounts will only be valid on middle school and high school courses. Current purchase order customers and students in the Standard, Advanced, and Adult Diploma programs are excluded, and if they are found using discounts from Promo Code Week, BYU Independent Study reserves the right to collect the corresponding funds from the customer. This promotion is designed with a limited number of uses available, and by participating in the event, students acknowledge that they may not receive a discount on a given day if all uses have been claimed. Those who fail to claim their promo code before the daily usage limit is reached are not entitled to any special consideration. If a user chooses to forego participating in the scavenger hunt aspect, a code will be made available after the event, but the discount will be significantly less than could be obtained by participating.  Knowing how to use social media is a pre-requisite to participating in this promotion. No refunds will be issued if a participant does not use a promo code prior to checkout (no exceptions).