Second course in the elementary series covering managerial problems and control of business operations.
The "Introduction to Accounting Software" purchased for this course is the same software used in ACC 200, 201 and ACC 300.
ACC 201 (Principles of Financial Accounting) or equivalent skill.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Accounting Environment and Review of the Accounting Cycle I
Lesson 2: Review of the Accounting Cycle II
Lesson 3: Ratios
Lesson 4: Financial Statement Analysis
Lesson 5: Statement of Cash Flows I - Operating
Lesson 6: Statement of Cash Flows II - Investing
Lesson 7: Statement of Cash Flows III - Financing
Lesson 8: Introduction to Managerial Accounting
Lesson 9: Manufacturing and Product Costing I
Lesson 10: Manufacturing and Product Costing II
Lesson 11: Performance Evaluation
Lesson 12: Cost Volume Profit Analysis I
Lesson 13: Cost Volume Profit Analysis II
Lesson 14: Activity Based Costing
Lesson 15: Operational Budgeting
Lesson 16: Capital Budgeting I
Lesson 17: Capital Budgeting II
Lesson 18: Non-Routine Business Decisions