This course prepares you for taking and improving your score on the ACT. It's the most fun you'll have (online) raising your test score!
Course Outline: 
Unit 1: English
Lesson 1: English Section Strategies and Grammar Review
Lesson 2: Reading Comprehension
Lesson 3: English, Continued—Sentence Structure and Commonly Confused Words
Lesson 4: The Essay
Unit 2: Math
Lesson 1: An Introduction to ACT Mathematics
Lesson 2: How to Attack an ACT Question, Part 1
Lesson 3: How to Attack an ACT Question, Part 2
Lesson 4: Properties of Numbers
Lesson 5: Division and Multiplication
Lesson 6: Portions of a Whole
Lesson 7: Averages
Lesson 8: Probability
Lesson 9: Exponents
Lesson 10: Algebraic Expressions
Lesson 11: Algebraic Factoring
Lesson 12: Solving Equations
Lesson 13: Coordinate Geometry
Lesson 14: Circles
Lesson 15: Lines and Angles
Lesson 16: Triangles
Lesson 17: Right Triangles
Lesson 18: Solids
Lesson 19: Trigonometry
Lesson 20: The Extra Stuff
Unit 3: Science
Lesson 1: Introduction to the Science Section
Lesson 2: Identifying the Passage Types
Lesson 3: Decoding Data Representation Passages
Lesson 4: Research Summaries
Lesson 5: Conflicting Viewpoints