This Advanced Placement course will help you explore world history from 1450 to the present, starting with Western Europe and continuing through the Post-Cold War World. Topics include the Reformation and Enlightenment; the Columbian Exchange and European colonization in the Americas; African, Russian, Islamic, and Asian Empires to 1750; industrialization and global integration to 1900, including nationalism, revolutions, imperialism, and romanticism; global change through World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War Era, and decolonization; and the Post-Cold War World, including economic globalization, struggles for democracy, global security and terrorism, the environment, genocide and human rights, and other global challenges to the present day. This course will also prepare you for the AP World History exam by helping you practice skills associated with the exam, such as writing AP essays and answering AP questions on core topics. This course is part two of a two-part series on AP World History. APHIST-063 covers topics to 1450.
APHIST-063 or Equivalent
Course Outline: 
Unit 1: Early Modern Western Europe
Unit 2: The Early Colonial Period
Unit 3: The Gunpowder Empires
Unit 4: Early Modern East Asia
Unit 5: Classical Civilizations in Asia and America
Unit 6: Industrialization and the World
Unit 7: World War I and What Came After
Unit 8: World War II
Unit 9: The Cold War and Decolonization
Unit 10: Recent History