This Arabic course covers the basics of both spoken and written Arabic and enables students to acquire real-world communication skills, learning to use Arabic as Arabs do. For day-to-day survival and social needs, students can choose to learn either Egyptian or Jordanian Arabic. Students learn how to read and write the Arabic alphabet, read street signs and ads, and write basic information about themselves and others. Students are also introduced to key aspects of the culture and geography of the Arab world. Participation in Adobe® Connect™ with one of our Arabic-speaking mentors is required. Beyond traditional course material, this course makes use of a Conversation Café that gives students the opportunity to speak with other students, teaching assistants, and the instructor to practice what they are learning. This course is the first in a four-part Arabic series (ARAB 041, ARAB 043, ARAB 051, and ARAB 053) based on the most widely used textbook series and engaging online activities that were developed by BYU and the University of California.
This course has live speaking appointments with an Arabic-speaking mentor; a webcam, microphone, and speakers are necessary to conduct these appointments. Please note, in addition to the textbook there is a $25.00 subscription fee for the Al-Kitaab companion Website for each book (one $25.00 subscription for Alif Baa and one $25.00 subscription for Al-Kitaab Part 1 3E): See syllabus for link.
Due to the nature of this course’s learning outcomes, the exams are only available in a paper format. Please plan for shipping time.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Greetings and Introductions
Lesson 2: Meeting People
Lesson 3: Greeting People
Lesson 4: More Introductions
Lesson 5: Being Polite
Cumulative Review
Lesson 6: Coffee Time
Lesson 7: Everyday Vocabulary
Lesson 8: How Are You? States and Feelings
Lesson 9: Describing People
Lesson 10: Wrapping Up
Lesson 11: I Live in New York City, Part I
Lesson 12: I Live in New York City, Part II