This course is a continuation of introductory chemistry and includes topics such as moles, states of matter, behaviors of gases, solutions, reaction rates, chemical equilibriums, solubility, acids and bases, oxidation-reduction reactions, electrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry. This course has few mathematical computations and includes several virtual lab demonstrations. This is the second half in a two-part General Chemistry series (CHEM 041 and CHEM 043).
Students will need a scientific calculator and a computer with CD-ROM drive (Windows 2000/Mac OS X or newer).
Chemistry, Part 1 (CHEM 041) or equivalent.
Course Outline: 
1. The Mole
2. States of Matter
3. Behavior of Gases
4. Solutions
5. Reaction Rates, Chemical Equilibrium, Solubility
6. Acids and Bases
7. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions and Electrochemistry
8. Nuclear Chemistry