The topics in this honors-level chemistry course include kinetic theory, gas laws, solutions, chemical kinetics and equilibrium, acid/base reactions, precipitation reactions, oxidation-reduction reactions and electrochemistry. Honors Chemistry, Part 2 continues the study of the principles of chemistry and builds on the concepts taught in Honors Chemistry, Part 1. This is the second course in a two-part chemistry series (CHEM 061 and CHEM 063).
Students will need a scientific calculator and a computer with CD-ROM drive (Windows 2000/Mac OS X or above).
Honors Chemistry, Part 1 (CHEM 061) or equivalent.
Course Outline: 
1. States of Matter and Kinetic Theory
2. Gas Laws
3. Ideal Gas Law
4. Gas Stoichiometry
5. Solutions
6. Reaction Rates and Chemical Equilibria
7. Acid and Base Reactions
8. Strong Acid/Strong Base Titrations
9. Precipitation Reactions
10. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions