Basic grammar, vocabulary building, speaking.
This course is not supported on Chromebooks. Students must have a headset/mic and speakers to complete required speaking appointments. A webcam is preferred but not required. Access to a printer/scanner is also necessary for written assignments. For optimal connection speeds during speaking appointments, it is recommended to use a hardwired, high-speed Internet connection during the appointment. The tuition fee in this course covers access to the textbook (online) and the online lab. You do not need to purchase a textbook, but you may purchase a hard copy text if you wish.
Due to the nature of this course’s learning outcomes, the exams are only available in a paper format. Please plan for shipping time.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Basic Concepts of Chineses
Lesson 2: Greetings
Lesson 3: Names
Lesson 4: Nationalities and Languages
Lesson 5: Studies
Lesson 6: Review of Lessons 2-5
Lesson 7: Introductions
Lesson 8: Family
Lesson 9: Phone Numbers and Addresses
Lesson 10: Meeting and Making Plans
Lesson 11: Phone Calls
Lesson 12: What Are You Doing?
Lesson 13: Review of Lessons 8-12
Lesson 14: Telling Time, Discussing Dates
Lesson 15: Discussing Daily Schedules
Lesson 16: Ordering Food