Current conventions and effective use of American English.
ELANG 223 (Introduction to the English Language) or LING 201 (Introduction to Linguistics [Modern]) or concurrent enrollment.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: What is Usage
Lesson 2: Attitudes toward Change in the Language
Lesson 3: Finding Answers to Usage Questions in Dictionaries and Usage References
Lesson 4: Variation in Language
Lesson 5: Foundations in Educated Usage
Lesson 6: The History of Usage Scholarship: Cultural Levels and Functional Varieties
Lesson 7: Varieties of English (Dialects)
Lesson 8: My Usage History: Unit 1 Exam
Lesson 9: Commonly Confused Words
Lesson 10: Debated Usage Items
Lesson 11: More Debated Usage Items
Lesson 12: Pronoun Case and Usage, and Pronoun Reference and Agreement
Lesson 13: Other (Somewhat) Purist Distinctions
Lesson 14: Sexist and Racist Language (Inclusive Language)
Lesson 15: Sentence Style, Punctuation and Mechanics
Lesson 16: More Sentence Style and Sentence Errors
Lesson 17: The Art of Punctuation
Lesson 18: The Art of Punctuation: Enclosing Marks
Lesson 19: Mechanics and Other Marks of Punctuation