Individual sections dealing with poetry, personal essays, drama, fiction, science fiction, or combinations of these. Focuses on reading, writing, and revision of personal essays, poems, and short fiction.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: On Becoming a Writer
Lesson 2: The Writing Process and the Short-Short
Lesson 3: Training Your Critical Eye
Lesson 4: The Story's Setting
Lesson 5: Characters and Characterization
Lesson 6: Point of View
Lesson 7: Story as Creature
Lesson 8: The Short Story Workshop
Lesson 9: Essaying, Some Definitions
Lesson 10: Balance, Building Blocks, Strategies, and Shapes
Lesson 11: The Essay Draft and Review
Lesson 12: Poetry as Play, Language, Sound, and Lines
Lesson 13: Poetic Forms
Lesson 14: Writing Verse and Free Verse Poetry
Lesson 15: Revising Your Short Story