Composing personal history through writing, mementos, oral history, chronologies, letters, documents, journals, and other mediums.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Personal History: Definitions and Directions
Lesson 2: The Journal: Getting Started
Lesson 3: Letter Writing: Voice, Tone, and Audience
Lesson 4: The Journal: Finding Your Voice, Part I
Lesson 5: The Journal: Finding Your Voice, Part II
Lesson 6: The Why of Autobiography
Lesson 7: Collecting and Recollecting
Lesson 8: Writing with Order and Purpose
Lesson 9: Seeing Life Whole
Lesson 10: How Good Is Your Journal?
Lesson 11: Finding the Right Voice: "Who Will Tell This Tale of Mine?"
Lesson 12: You Took the Time to Write Me a Letter
Lesson 13: The Eyes and Ears of the Matter
Lesson 14: You Can Never Throw Everything Away
Lesson 15: Times of Decision, Times of Change: The Turning Points of Life
Lesson 16: The People of Our Lives: Those We Love
Lesson 17: Conclusions and Endings
Lesson 18: Finishing and Refinishing