Development of ideas, movements, genres, and styles in early English literature as illustrated through representative texts.
ENGL 251 (Introduction to English Studies) or concurrent enrollment.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Celtic/Roman Britain
Lesson 2: Anglo-Saxon [Old English]
Lesson 3: Anglo-Norman
Lesson 4: 14th and 15th Centuries
Lesson 5: Medieval Drama
Lesson 6: Medieval Mysticism
Lesson 7: Unit 1 Homework Quiz
Lesson 8: Renaissance Humanism and the Reformation
Lesson 9: The Elizabethan Era
Lesson 10: The Elizabethan Theater
Lesson 11: Lyrics and Sonnets
Lesson 12: Metaphysical Poetry, the Cavalier Poets, Early Modern Women Writers
Lesson 13: The Revolutionary Era
Lesson 14: Unit 2 Homework Quiz
Lesson 15: Neoclassicism
Lesson 16: A Great Age of Satire
Lesson 17: The Restoration and 18th Century Theater
Lesson 18: Readership, Print Culture, the Periodical Essay, and Prose Fiction
Lesson 19: The Novel and Robinson Crusoe
Lesson 20: The Age of Sensibility