Expository and persuasive writing focusing on practical reasons for evaluating audiences, generating and structuring an argument, and making stylistic decisions. Library research paper.
Carries BYU GE Advanced Written and Oral Communication credit.
WRTG 150 (Writing and Rhetoric) or equivalent skill; junior or senior status.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Theory: What is Persuasion and How Should I Use It?
Lesson 2: Theory: Rhetorical Opportunities, Commitments, and Judgment
Lesson 3: Theory: Resources of Persuasion
Lesson 4: Theory: Structure of Persuasion
Lesson 5: Practice: Persuasive Synthesis of Theory
Lesson 6: Practice: Persuasive Self-Presentation
Lesson 7: Submit Portfolio 1
Lesson 8: Practice: Analysis of Persuasive Rhetoric
Lesson 9: Practice: Response to Persuasive Rhetoric
Lesson 10: Submit Portfolio 2
Lesson 11: Theory: What Is Research?
Lesson 12: Practice: The Research Paper Assignment
Lesson 13: Practice: Defining a Research Problem and Assessing Resources
Lesson 14: Practice: Proposing a Research Project
Lesson 15: Submit Portfolio 3
Lesson 16: Theory and Practice: Writing and Revising the Research Paper
Lesson 17: Theory and Practice: Evaluating a Research Paper as Effective Persuasion
Lesson 18: Submit Portfolio 4