Writing characteristic of disciplines that inquire into human behavior and institutions; correspondence, proposals, library paper, empirical research, and reviews. Online access to Brigham Young University library services.
Carries BYU GE Advanced Written and Oral Communication credit.
WRTG 150 (Writing and Rhetoric) or equivalent skill; junior or senior status.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Rhetoric and the Social Sciences
Lesson 2: The Individual and Social Dimensions of Composing
Lesson 3: Document Design and Resumes
Lesson 4: Letters and Memos
Lesson 5: Library and Internet Research
Lesson 6: Book Reviews
Lesson 7: The Research Prospectus
Lesson 8: Creating and Adapting Visuals
Lesson 9: Writing the Research Paper
Lesson 10: Primary Research
Lesson 11: Interpreting Documents
Lesson 12: Interviewing
Lesson 13: Observing
Lesson 14: Surveying
Lesson 15: Experimenting
Midcourse Exam Preparation
Lesson 16: Writing an IRB Proposal
Lesson 17: Writing a Critique
Lesson 18: Institutional Style
Lesson 19: Opinion Pieces and Oral Presentations