Theory and practice of writing prose and verse for youth readership. Specific attention to requirements of picture books, middle-grade novels, and young adult stories. Online access to Brigham Young University library services.
ENGL 218R (Creative Writing).
Course Outline: 
1. Are You a Writer?
2. Finding the Time
3. Where Do You Get Ideas?
4. Who Will Read What I Write?
5. What Kinds of Things Can I Write?
6. At Last: Writing!
7. The People Who Inhabit Your Stories
8. A Story is War
9. Using Detail to Create Atmosphere
10. Getting the Writing Done
11. Beginning, Middles, and Ends
12. Revision: The Be-All and End-All
13. Trying It Out
14. Writing Mysteries
15. Writing Nonfiction
16. Playing Around with Drama
17. Dressing Your Baby Up and Sending Her Out
18. To Market, To Market