The function of the physiological systems and their responses to acute and chronic exercise.
PDBIO 305 or PDBIO 362
Course Outline: 
Welcome to EXSC 463: Exercise Physiology
Lesson 1: Physical Activity Guidelines / Principles of Training
Lesson 2: Neural control of Effector Organs
Lesson 3: Organization and Contraction of Skeletal Muscle
Lesson 4: Skeletal Muscle Fiber Types
Lesson 5: The Heart
Lesson 6: Cardiac Dynamics
Lesson 7: Blood Flow and Blood Pressure
Lesson 8: Transport of Oxygen
Lesson 9: Overview of Metabolism
Lesson 10: Aerobic and Anaerobic Glycolysis
Lesson 11: Fat Metabolism and Control of Metabolism
Lesson 12: Predominant Energy System and Fatigue
Lesson 13: Energy Expenditure During and After Exercise
Lesson 14: Fluid & Carbohydrate Consumption Before, During, and After Exercise