Orientation on building leadership and professional competencies including cultural competence, professional relationships, project management, and effective teams, communication, and data use.
Internship Preparation Course. This course should be completed prior to starting an internship.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: The Halo Effect Lesson 2: Elevator Speech Lesson 3: Design Your Relationship Lesson 4: Five Supervisor Agreements Lesson 5: The Pareto Principle Lesson 6: Project Foundations Lesson 7: Initiate a Project Lesson 8: Six Key Cultural Competencies Lesson 9: Personal Development Plan Lesson 10: Build Connections and Relationships Lesson 11: Difficult Conversations Lesson 12: Building a Network Lesson 13: Components of an Effective Team Lesson 14: Project Schedule Lesson 15: Setting Up a Conversation Lesson 16: Show Interest in Others Lesson 17: Commitments and Replies Lesson 18: Effective Requests Lesson 19: Effectively Use Feedback