The history of the northwestern United States is shaped by an understanding of geography: the physical features and processes of the area; the people who have inhabited the area: the Native Americans, explorers, traders, and missionaries; and the events: exploration, immigration, wars, treaties, railroads, and the emergence of the United States. The 20th century continued to shape the Northwest through growth of industry, immigration, and statehood.
Course Outline: 
Unit 1: The Five Themes of Geography
Unit 2: The Natural Environment
Unit 3: The First People
Unit 4: Explorers, Traders, and Missionaries
Unit 5: American Government, Treaties, and Wars
Unit 6: Growth, Immigrants, and Statehood
Unit 7: Growing in the Twentieth Century
Unit 8: Economic Depression, Recovery, and World War II
Unit 9: Modern Washington: Recession, Transition, and Prosperity