This course takes a closer look at the history of the Americas, particularly Latin America. The discussion begins with pre-European America, the conquest of the Aztec and Incan empires, the colonization of Latin America by Spain, and the Latin American independence movement, and concludes with an examination of the issues facing Latin America today. Included in the discussion are the influences the American Revolutionary War, the French Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution had on Latin America. Finally, the course examines World War I and World War II. This is the second course in a three-part World History series (HIST 062, HIST 064, and HIST 065); however, any of these courses may be taken independently of the others.
Course Outline: 
Unit 1: The Ancient Americas
Unit 2: The Clash of Two Cultures
Unit 3: The American, French, and Industrial Revolutions
Unit 4: Changes in Latin America
Unit 5: The War to End All Wars
Unit 6: World War II
Unit 7: Latin America Today