Western civilization from Greek antiquity to Renaissance from perspective of traditional humanistic values reflected in its arts and ideas. Examines fundamental questions about human experience, formative events in history, and value of important literary and artistic texts.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Ancient Middle Eastern Cultures
Lesson 2. Ancient Hebrew Culture and the Old Testament
Lesson 3. Early Greek Art and Architecture
Lesson 4. The Iliad
Lesson 5. Classical Greece and the Hellenistic Period
Lesson 6. Greek Drama: Oedipus the King
Lesson 7. Greek Philosophy 1: Socrates and Plato
Lesson 8. Greek Philosophy 2: Aristotle
Lesson 9. Roman Art and Architecture
Lesson 10. Roman Poetry: The Aeneid
Lesson 11. Roman Theater: Plautus
Lesson 12. Roman Philosophy: Marcus Aurelius and Lucretius
Lesson 13. Early Christianity
Lesson 14. Augustine
Lesson 15. Byzantium
Lesson 16. The Early Middle Ages
Lesson 17. The Song of Roland
Lesson 18. The High Middle Ages
Lesson 19. Medieval Literature: Marie de France
Lesson 20. Medieval Literature: Chrétien de Troyes
Lesson 21. Scholasticism and the Medieval University
Lesson 22. The Fourteenth Century
Lesson 23. Medieval Literature: Dante
Lesson 24. Chaucer
Lesson 25. Humanism and Petrarch
Lesson 26. The Early Renaissance
Lesson 27. The High Renaissance
Lesson 28. Renaissance Literature: Machiavelli
Lesson 29. Renaissance Literature: Castiglione
Lesson 30. Renaissance Literature: Rabelais