Developing written and oral communications for professional organizations, including composing and designing employment communications. Incorporates oral presentations.
Fulfills BYU GE Advanced Written and Oral Communication requirement.
BYU GE First-Year Writing requirement. To be taken before senior year. Not for freshmen.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Key Principles in Communication
Lesson 2: Communications Basics Part I: Planning and Outlining Messages
Lesson 3: Communication Basics Part II
Lesson 4: Revising and Polishing Messages
Lesson 5: Grammar
Lesson 6: Business Correspondence
Lesson 7: Preparing Employment Communication
Lesson 8: Research Papers and Proposals
Lesson 9: Introduction to Problem-Solving
Lesson 10: Reports
Lesson 11: Visual Aids
Lesson 12: Creating and Delivering Presentations