For experienced speakers of the language being taught. Emphasizes business concepts; practice and case study including conversation, reading,and presenting, while enriching business vocabulary.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Introduction to the Course
Lesson 2: Business—The Job Market in Italy
Lesson 3: Business and Culture—Cover Letters and Professional Emails
Lesson 4: Advanced Grammar—The Past Tense
Lesson 5: Culture—Driving and Public Transportation in Italy
Lesson 6: Business—Organization of Italian Business, Part 1
Lesson 7: Business—Organization of Italian Business, Part 2
Lesson 8: Advanced Grammar—Active and Passive Forms
Lesson 9: Culture—Traveling by Train, Bus, and Plane
Lesson 10: Business—Aziende and Imprese (Types of Business), Part 1
Lesson 11: Business—Aziende and Imprese (Types of Business), Part 2
Lesson 12: Advanced Grammar—Le Congiunzioni
Lesson 13: Business—Gestione d’Azienda (Business Management)
Lesson 14: Advanced Grammar—Il Congiuntivo (Subjunctive)
Lesson 15: Culture—Holidays and Meetings
Lesson 16: Business—Marketing
Lesson 17: Advanced Grammar—I Pronomi
Lesson 18: Culture—Italian Postal System
Lesson 19: Business—Contracts
Lesson 20: Advanced Grammar—Il Condizionale (Conditional Tense)
Lesson 21: Culture—Italian Geography and Dialects
Lesson 22: Business—The Bank System
Lesson 23: Advanced Grammar—Relative and Indefinite Pronouns
Lesson 24: Culture—Italian History
Lesson 25: Business—The Stock Market
Lesson 26: Advanced Grammar—Direct Speech
Lesson 27: Culture—The Italian Political System