Internship or externship in creating, performing, producing, or teaching applications of major course work. Organ technique, organ repertoire, hymn playing, music theory, organ registration, and sight-reading.
Earlier editions of the textbook by Paul Harker, Basic Materials in Music Theory, may be used in place of the edition listed. Students must pass all the assignments and exams to pass the course.
Basic piano skills.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: The Nature of Organ Tone, Practice Techniques, and Manual Technique
Lesson 2: Pedal Technique and Organ Shoes
Lesson 3: The Basic Materials of Music: Time and Sound and The Notation of Pitch
Lesson 4: Time Classification and Note and Rest Values
Lesson 5: Time Signatures
Lesson 6: Organ Types and Components and the Organ Console
Lesson 7: Classification of Organ Stops by Pitch
Lesson 8: Classification of Organ Stops by Family
Lesson 9: The Three Primary Types of Organ Registration
Lesson 10: Chorus Registration
Lesson 11: Hymn Registration in Congregational Singing