Internship or externship in creating, performing, producing, or teaching applications of major course work. Organ technique, organ repertoire, hymn playing, music theory, organ registration, and sight-reading.
Earlier editions of the textbook by Paul Harker, <i>Basic Materials in Music Theory</i>, may be used in place of the edition listed. Students must pass all the assignments and exams to pass the course.
Basic piano skills.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: The Nature of Organ Tone, Practice Techniques, and Manual Technique
Lesson 2: Pedal Technique and Organ Shoes
Lesson 3: The Basic Materials of Music: Time and Sound and The Notation of Pitch
Lesson 4: Time Classification and Note and Rest Values
Lesson 5: Time Signatures
Lesson 6: Organ Types and Components and the Organ Console
Lesson 7: Classification of Organ Stops by Pitch
Lesson 8: Classification of Organ Stops by Family
Lesson 9: The Three Primary Types of Organ Registration
Lesson 10: Chorus Registration
Lesson 11: Hymn Registration in Congregational Singing