Internship or externship in creative, performing, producing, or teaching applications of major coursework. This Organ Certification level emphasizes the following skills: organ technique, organ repertoire, hymn playing, organ registration, music theory, sight-reading, transposition, accompaniment, and piano technique.
Due to the numerous options presented in this course, books and scores should be ordered only after consultation with the student's local organ instructor. (The average cost for these materials is between $100 and $200). See syllabus for more details on the required materials.
MUSIC-399R-101, 102, 103, 104, and 105 and instructor's consent.
Course Outline: 
Unit 1
Lesson 1: History and Development of the Organ (Review)
Lesson 2: Types of Organ Registration and Musical Texture (Review)
Lesson 3: Chorus Registration (Review)
Lesson 4: Solo and Accompaniment Registration (Review)
Lesson 5: Hymn Registration (Review)
Lesson 6: Trio Registration (Review)
Lesson 7: The Process of Registrational Decision Making and Registration Mechanics
Unit 2
Lesson 8: The Neapolitan Sixth, Altered Dominants, and Diminished Seventh Chords
Lesson 9: Historical Styles in Organ Building and Registration: Twentieth Century
Lesson 10: Chromatic Third-Relation Harmony
Unit 3
Lesson 11:Modulation to Foreign Keys: Parts 1 and 2
Lesson 12: Historical Styles in Organ Building and Registration: Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century England
Lesson 13: Ninth, Eleventh, and Thirteenth Chords