The Church in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, international expansion, significant developments of Church programs and structure, the Church during wartime, the worldwide spread of temples.
Course Outline: 
  1. The Church at the Turn of the Century and Lorenzo Snow: 1898-1901
  2. President Joseph F. Smith in an Era of Transition: 1900-1912
  3. Moving Forward into the New Century: 1902-1918
  4. Heber J. Grant Begins His Administration: 1918-1930
  5. The Church During the Great Depression: 1929-1941
  6. The Saints During World War II: 1939-1945
  7. George Albert Smith and Postwar Recovery: 1945-1947
  8. David O. McKay and Growth into a Worldwide Church: 1950-1966
  9. Presidents Joseph Fielding Smith and Harold B. Lee, and an Era of Correlation and Consolidation: 1961-1973
  10. Spencer W. Kimball's Challenge to "Lengthen Our Stride": 1973-1981
  11. Meeting the Needs of a Worldwide Church: 1975-1985
  12. Ezra Taft Benson and a Period of Challenge and Growth: 1985-1991
  13. The Early 1990s and President Hunter: 1988-1995
  14. Gordon B. Hinckley and Bringing the Church out of Obscurity: 1995-2008
  15. The Destiny of the Church