Ways of strengthening family life by understanding such family processes as generations, emotions, communication, and rituals.
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Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Introduction to Family Processes
Lesson 2: Current Trends in Families
Lesson 3: Studying the Family
Lesson 4a: Family Theory
Lesson 4b: Family Systems Theory/Family Life Course Theory
Lesson 4c: Symbolic Interaction and Social Construction Theory
Lesson 5: Family Paradigms and Ideologies
Lesson 6: Family Rules
Lesson 7: Family Rituals and Routines
Lesson 8: Healthy Communication and Conflict in Families
Lesson 9: Distance Regulation
Lesson 10: Putting It Together: The Circumplex Model
Lesson 11: Gender and Family Life
Lesson 12: Family Stress
Lesson 13: Family Finances
Lesson 14: Romantic Relationships, Sexual Intimacy, and Dating
Lesson 15: Conclusion and Moving Forward