Examining the developmental and social contexts of adolescents with emphasis on the importance of the family. Other contexts include peers, religion, community, schools, and cross-cultural issues.
SFL 101 (Introduction to School of Family Life) & STAT 121 (Principles of Statistics) & SFL 290 (Critical Inquiry and Research Methods); SFL 210 (Human Development) or concurrent enrollment.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Introduction to Adolescence
Lesson 2: Physical Development
Lesson 3: Cognitive Development
Lesson 4: Family
Lesson 5: Peers
Lesson 6: Identity
Lesson 7: Autonomy
Lesson 8: Intimacy
Lesson 9: Sexual Development
Lesson 10: Psychosocial Problems in Adolescence
Lesson 11: Media
Lesson 12: Transition to Adulthood