Tools of social research; survey, experimentation, content analysis, secondary analysis, qualitative research, evaluation research, data processing and analysis, and report writing.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1: Why Study Research?
Lesson 2: Factors Influencing the Research Process
Lesson 3: The Ethical, Political, and Cultural Context of Social Work Research
Lesson 4: Problem Formulation
Lesson 5: Conceptualization in Quantitative and Qualitative Inquiry
Lesson 6: Measurement
Lesson 7: Constructing Measurement Instruments
Lesson 8: Causal Inference and Experimental Design
Lesson 9: Quasi-Experimental Design
Lesson 10: Single Case Evaluation Design
Lesson 11: Program Evaluation
Lesson 12: Sampling
Lesson 13: Survey Research
Lesson 14: Analyzing Existing Data: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
Lesson 15: Qualitative Research Methodology
Lesson 16: Qualitative Data Analysis
Lesson 17: Descriptive Data Analysis
Lesson 18: Inferential Data Analysis
Lesson 19: Writing Research Proposals