Reading, viewing, analyzing, writing about, and interacting with contemporary plays and performances to explore both theatre fundamentals and ways theatre addresses questions and concerns of our time.
Satisfies Brigham Young University core Arts requirement.
Course Outline: 
  1. What is Theatre?
  2. What is a Play?
  3. The Playwright
  4. Give it a Shot!
  5. The Critic and the Dramaturg
  6. Critical Thinking Journal
  7. Critical Thinking Part One: Read a Play
  8. Acting
  9. Visual Language
  10. Directing
  11. Director's Concepts
  12. Critical Thinking Part Two: See a Play
  13. Design Part One: Set Design and Light Design
  14. Design Part Two: Costume Design and Makeup Design
  15. Design Part Three: Sound Design and Other Types of Design
  16. Final Project