It's Graduation Season!

Graduation Reminders

Thank you for taking courses through BYU Independent Study. Please remember the following important guidelines to ensure timely grading and receipt of course grades prior to graduation. Also included are some things we can and cannot do to help you meet your deadlines.

What YOU Can Do :

  1. Please make certain we receive all coursework, including exams, at least three weeks before your school’s graduation deadline. Contact your school counselor to verify deadlines.
  2. Keep copies of all lessons submitted to BYU Independent Study.
  3. Most exams are available in an online or a paper format. Some exams are only available to be taken on paper. For both exam types, request your exams well before the three-week deadline to allow for mailing times, proctor schedules, etc.
  4. Remember, completion of your online final exam does not indicate a completed course grade has been posted to your transcript. All instructor-graded assignments and exams need to be graded and all exams certified by your proctor before a final course grade is posted to your transcript.
  5. Make sure you have a certified proctor with whom you can take your exam. Please contact your proctor before requesting the final exam. To see the guidelines for proctors, read our “Proctor Information” page.
  6. Verify that the name of your high school appears in your personal information tab so that your counselor can view your grades.

What WE Can Do :

  1. If you find yourself in a time crunch, you can request your exam to be delivered in an online format when available, or we can express your paper final exam to your certified proctor. When requesting your paper exam, please select “Next Business Day Shipping.” The one-way express fee is $20, and the two-way express fee is $30. Please note that the two-way express option requires that the proctor take the test to a FedEx drop box once you have completed it.
  2. If you take a computer-graded exam (in which a bubble sheet is used for paper exams), we will grade your exam within one business day of receiving it.
  3. Please allow two weeks to process instructor-graded assignments and exams. To view course grades, please log into your account and select “Assignments and Exams.”

What We Cannot Do :

  1. We cannot fax or email exams. Please plan accordingly.
  2. Expedited grading is not available. Therefore, it is extremely important that we receive all coursework and exams at least three weeks before deadlines.

Please contact your school counselor to verify your school's deadlines and contact us if you have additional questions.
Call our support line (1-800-914-8931), email us at, talk with us on chat, or explore the self-service options in your course.

We hope you will find this information helpful. Please use these guidelines to ensure that we are able to process your lessons and exams in time for graduation.