New Course User Interface

Beginning December 13, your BYU Independent Study course will look a little different. You’ll still access the same courses the same way from the same place—you’ll just see a simpler user interface. This will change how BYU Independent Study courses look for students, instructors, and observers, but it only changes the course’s appearance. Nothing else will change.

We’re making this change to give you a better experience with your BYU Independent Study course. This new user interface is faster, better on phones and tablets, and easier to use.

You can start using our new look today, if you want! Just click the link to work on your course in the new, simpler interface. On December 13 your courses will automatically switch over to this interface, but for now you can use either the old or new site. If you use the new, simpler interface, you’ll access your real course. Any assignments submitted will actually be graded. All the work you do will show up in both the old interface and the new interface, so you won’t risk losing anything.

Thanks, as always, for using BYU Independent Study!