GeometryPart 2

GEOM 043

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Bradley Shaw
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GEOM 043 includes proving the Pythagorean theorem with a formal demonstration; finding the area of any triangle using Hero's formula; applying principles relating to circles, angles, and arcs; identifying the first, second, third, and fourth term of a proportion; and constructing geometric figures using theorems and corollaries. This is the second course in a two-part geometry series (GEOM 041 and GEOM 043).

Students must have access to a ruler, protractor, compass, and scientific calculator.
For Apple computer users; this course contains software material that is incompatible with OS X 10.10. If you are using a newer Apple computer this software may not work on your computer. Please enroll in a different section of this course.


Geometry, Part 1 (GEOM 041) or equivalent.

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1. Perimeter and Area
2. Similarity
3. Right Triangle Geometry
4. Properties of Circles
5. Calculations for Circles
6. Coordinate Geometry
7. Geometric Solids