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Second-Year JapanesePart 1


Teacher-Led (TL)

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Malin George Williams
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This course enables students to obtain a greater oral proficiency while increasing their ability to read and write katakana words. Special attention is given to identifying and conjugating verb tenses and situational vocabulary. This course also features new interactive elements: live one-on-one speaking appointments, a student discussion board, and an instructor-hosted wiki. There is strong emphasis on speaking, as well as reading and writing, in this course. This is the third course in a four-part Japanese series (JAPAN 041, JAPAN 043, JAPAN 051, and JAPAN 053).

Students will need access to a computer with high speed Internet access, a microphone, speakers (or headphones), and a webcam.
There are no resubmissions or retakes on instructor-graded assignments, unit quizzes or the final exam. On speaking appointments, lowest score may be dropped. You must complete the speaking appointment in each unit before you can move on to the next unit.

Due to the nature of this course’s learning outcomes, the exams are only available in a paper format. Please plan for shipping time.


You should have taken JAPAN 041 and JAPAN 043 or a full year of high school Japanese before taking this course.

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Unit 1: Verbs and Conjugations
Unit 2: Kana and Yodan Verbs
Unit 3: Count and Read
Unit 4: The Japanese House
Unit 5: Transportation
Unit 6: Maps and Places
Unit 7: Directions and Haiku

No additional materials. All content for this course is delivered online and is included.