Resilience and Success

RES 041

Teacher-Led (TL)

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Breeann Moulton
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This course (based on the WhyTry program) uses visual metaphors to teach social and emotional life skills to students. The course utilizes a multisensory approach that includes music, videos, pictures, activities, journaling, student-led presentations, and art prompts. The goal of the course is to help students build resilience using relevant approaches and tools, and to enable them to thrive both in school and in life.

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Lesson 1. Welcome to WhyTry
Lesson 2. Flipping the Switch and The Four Sources of Resilience
Lesson 3. Reality Ride
Lesson 4. Tearing Off Labels
Lesson 5. Defense Mechanisms
Lesson 6. Climbing Out
Lesson 7. Motivation Formula
Lesson 8. Lift the Weight
Lesson 9. Jumping Hurdles
Lesson 10. Desire, Time, and Effort
Lesson 11. Get Plugged In
Lesson 12. The Wall