High School Courses

  • Enroll anytime, anywhere
  • Courses start at $120
  • 220+ self-paced courses
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High School Courses

  • Enroll anytime, anywhere
  • Courses start at $120
  • 220+ self-paced courses
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Lessons with Staying Power

Students need strong opportunities to develop both real-world skills and soft skills to remember what they have learned. All new BYU Independent Study courses are now designed with a trifecta of mastery opportunities:

  • Knowledge — subject mastery with integrated learning methods
  • 21st Century Skills — gain skills in the areas of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking
  • Character Attributes — to become more emotionally resilient and successful

We call these innovations “Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes” or “KSA” for short.

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Enriched Student Experience

Lesson Variety

Interactive visuals (e.g., matching games and flashcards) and videos with transcripts help students understand and remember key concepts. Built-in course assignments, games, and other activities make learning fun.

Personalized Learning Options

Some quizzes and exams offer students more flexibility to demonstrate topic mastery, such as through their personal choice of writing an essay, putting together a slide presentation, or creating a multimedia presentation.

Mapped Objectives

Students see a list of detailed learning outcomes, activities, and time estimates for completion of each part of the unit.

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Course Highlights

Our high school courses prepare you for higher education and enable you to fill in scheduling gaps with quarter-credit courses and/or finish graduation requirements efficiently with half-credit courses.

  • Certified teachers
  • Free tutoring sessions
  • 100+ NCAA-approved courses
  • Specialty courses, including World Languages, Music, AP, and CTE
  • Concurrent enrollment courses that allow you to earn high school and college credit simultaneously

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New Learning Tools

Language and literacy support

All BYU Independent Study courses provide language and literacy support to students. Read aloud lesson text. Translate text from English to any of 68 languages. Click into a dictionary definition. Highlight passages or focus using screen masking.

Interactive math and science tools

Built-in equation accessibility and videos help explain difficult concepts. Ungraded self-checks precede graded quizzes and exams. Students work with materials and follow instructions in virtual science labs that give an experience similar to in-person labs.

Guided notes

Students download a template and take specific, guided notes as they study a unit of content. These graded assignments prepare students for quizzes and exams.

World-class tutoring and assistance

We offer free weekly tutoring through the BYU Student Success Center—up to two half-hour mentoring sessions per week.* And our Customer Support team is ready to help students successfully complete their courses.

Support from teachers

Enhanced teacher involvement includes responsive feedback, quicker grading, virtual office hours, and timely communications.

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* Tutoring, coaching and mentoring sessions through the BYU Student Success Center are offered based on staff availability, and the scope of services available may be limited from time to time.

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