About BYU Independent Study

Brigham Young University Independent Study is an accredited program that operates under BYU Continuing Education and is one of the nation’s largest non-profit distance education programs. Enrollment is open to anyone, any time of the year, and students have a full year to complete most courses.

Independent Study High School Courses

We offer online high school and middle school courses to students everywhere in preparation for a university education and lifelong learning. Our courses make it possible for students to recover credit or get ahead. We also offer AP, honors, and dual enrollment options for advanced students. We also offer free tutoring for most core-subject courses.


The flexibility of our Online courses make them a popular choice. Students can access their course when and where they choose utilizing advanced features and productivity tools such as a student homepage, student gradebook, and a student progress ‘what if’ calendar for students who prefer to progress at their own pace in a self-guided environment.

Teacher Led

For students looking for a more interactive, online course led and directed by an instructor, or who can benefit from increased structure, monitoring, and motivation, our Teacher-led courses offer all the benefits of virtual learning with the addition of direct instruction and one-on-one mentoring. Live, teacher-led activities, the ability to practice new language skills with other students, mentors, and the instructor, and a course orientation provided by the teacher upon enrollment make our Teacher-led courses an excellent option.

Independent Study University Courses

Partnering with academic departments and faculty at Brigham Young University, we are the primary resource for online and blended education on campus, and we also extend those university courses to students at other institutions. High school students don’t have to wait for graduation and university students don’t have to be admitted to BYU to enroll. Courses are available to anyone, anytime. Our portfolio of more than 200 online university courses is recognized by universities nationwide as an approved transfer credit provider.

BYU High School Suite

BYU Independent Study offers more than just traditional online courses. Now districts, schools and teachers can use High School Suite, our online curriculum, to blend in the classroom, teach virtually, or offer mastery-based credit recovery. Your online program will quickly become a richer learning environment with BYU High School Suite. Your school, Your teachers, Our courses!

Choose from four different program options:

  • Credit Recovery Solutions
  • Blended Learning Solutions
  • Online Learning Solutions
  • Subscription Solutions

BYU High School Program

The BYU Independent Study High School Program is designed to help students who are interested in completing their high school studies through our structured online program. We have three different programs, all offering a full and accredited high school education experience.

Standard Program

Designed for high-school-age students preparing for college or the job market, the Standard Program offers a robust traditional high school curriculum. Upon completion of the program, students are issued an official transcript which can be used to apply to colleges and universities or may be used as proof of high school completion for potential employers.

Advanced Program

The Advance Program is more academically rigorous than the Standard Program, requiring two years of a world language, writing and literature, and upper-level math and science courses. It prepares students to enter competitive colleges or universities. Upon completion of the program, students are issued an official transcript which can be used to apply to colleges and universities or may be used as proof of high school completion for potential employers. Students in the Standard and Advanced programs do not receive a diploma.

Adult Diploma Program

The Adult Diploma Program is designed for students who are 19 years of age or older and who are United States citizens or United States permanent residents. This program also helps students prepare for college or the job market. In addition to receiving an official transcript, students who successfully complete the program requirements will receive a high school diploma from the Provo (Utah) School District.