Purchase Order Policies

These provisions apply to Purchase Order customers only


  • It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to understand and comply with the terms stated herein.
  • Noncompliance with the terms could result in delay of registration, reduction in withdrawal credits, interest charges, and/or other penalties and fines.
  • Purchaser agrees to pay all applicable taxes related to course registration or supplemental fees.


  • To be valid, a purchase order (PO) must be signed by an authorized agent of the purchaser. It must contain a maximum dollar amount and/or a PO expiration date as well as the billing address.
  • Regardless of the language specified on the PO, these policies and procedures will control whether there is any conflict between the PO and these policies and procedures as stated herein.
  • Brigham Young University Independent Study (BYU IS) reserves the right to reject POs.


  • To register for courses, students, their parents (if the student is a minor), or an authorized agent of the institution funding the course must complete the Enrollment Form. The form may be submitted via email, online, fax, or mail.
    • Email the form to ispo@byu.edu
    • Fax the form to (801) 812-8208.
    • Mail the form to:
    • BYU Independent Study
      120 MORC
      Provo, UT 84602-0300
  • The PO number and customer number are required fields on these forms. If these are not filled out, your PO will not be processed. If the PO number field is blank, we will use the last four digits of the customer number.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for processing. If your student is not enrolled, withdrawn, etc. after that time, please call (866) 741-9144 to check on the status. Tell the representative that you are a PO customer and that you would like to receive a confirmation number and any other information the student would need to begin the course.
  • For paper course orders, allow 10 business days for receipt of materials.
  • A $12-20 fee applies if you are ordering paper materials for an online or teacher-led course. This is done by marking the check box on the enrollment form.


  • The PO group no longer accepts transfers. Please refer to the withdrawal and enrollment forms, as the same function can be accomplished by using those methods.


  • All textbook requests are handled by the BYU Store or an outside vendor of your choice. BYU IS is not responsible for facilitating the acquisition of course related textbooks, nor is the seller responsible for collecting and distributing textbook fees. To purchase textbooks from the BYU Store, the purchaser should contact the Store at (888) 454-6884 or online at www.byustore.com. Payments for materials purchased from the BYU Store should be sent to BYU Store, I.S. Department, Provo, UT 84602. Separate POs must be sent to the BYU Store.


  • As a PO customer, the organization will need to decide whether or not they allow retakes to be billed on their POs.
  • If the organization does not allow for payment of retakes on POs, then the student will need to call in and give a credit card number as payment in order to take retakes. In these cases, the student should call (800) 914-8931.
  • If the organization allows retakes to be paid for through POs, we ask that one individual be designated to complete the Lesson and Exam Retake Request Form for the educational institution. This will assist us in our efforts to provide you with accurate billing. Note: When more than one person submits requests for retakes the school district could be charged twice for the resubmit fee.
  • For questions on resubmissions, you may call (866) 741-9144 or email ispo@byu.edu. Please identify yourself as a PO customer when you call.


  • BYU IS must receive a Withdrawal Request Form from an authorized individual to withdraw a student from a course.
  • Once completed, you can submit online, or through email, fax, or mail.
    • Email the form to ispo@byu.edu
    • Fax the form to (801) 812-8208
    • Mail the form to:
      BYU Independent Study
      120 MORC
      Provo, UT 84602-0300
  • Please reference the information below to see if you will also receive a refund at the time of withdrawal:
    • If you withdraw within 0-14 days of enrollment:
      • Full tuition refund
      • No processing fee
    • If you withdraw within 15-90 days of enrollment:
      • Partial tuition refund
      • One of these options:
        • $20 processing fee (per high school course)
        • $40 processing fee (per university course)
    • If you withdraw 91+ days after enrollment:
      • No refund will be given.


  • Withdrawal credits or refunds will be applied to the next month's invoice. That invoice should contain a credit or negative amount for the amount refunded to the purchaser.
  • If the purchaser prefers a refund by check, please call the PO group at (866) 741-9144 to request this. Please allow 4–6 weeks for processing.
  • If the purchaser feels there is an error on the statement, follow the procedures found in “Disputing Charges” below.
  • If the account has been inactive for a period of three months and a credit still exists, BYU IS will send a refund check to the institution's address on file.


  • We currently bill monthly.
  • All charges and credits from the prior month will be captured and included on the next month's statement.


  • Purchasers who feel they were billed in error should fill out the Billing Dispute Form.
  • This form contains all of the information that is necessary to allow BYU IS to review your dispute in a timely manner and make the necessary adjustments.
  • If BYU IS has not responded by the fifth business day, please call us at (866) 741-9144.


  • We currently accept the following:
    • Credit card
    • Check
    • Wire transfer (there is a fee associated with this, and it is the customer’s responsibility to pay that fee)
  • Our current payment terms are net 30. BYU IS reserves the right to charge a 2% per month late fee if payment is not received within 30 days of the invoice date.


  • Courses will be billed according to the published catalog price. Note: BYU IS reserves the right to change the price without notice.


  • If the purchaser has not made payment for a specified period of time, BYU IS, at its discretion, will send out a notification letter putting the purchaser's account on probation.
  • If past-due balances are not resolved within 30 days of probation, BYU Independent Study will no longer extend credit and may send the purchaser's account to a collection agency.


  • These policies and procedures shall control if there is a conflict, regardless of any language on documents, whether received or sent by the purchaser.
  • BYU IS does not warrant the effectiveness or operation of the educational services contemplated in these policies and procedures. All students, purchasers, P.O. customers, and/or organizations agree and understand that BYU IS shall have no liability herein, including to any end user. BYU IS specifically disclaims all representations and warranties, whether express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, or any other warranty. In no event shall BYU IS be liable to any party for indirect, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages.
  • All purchasers, P.O. customers, and/or organizations acknowledge that student educational records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and that generally student permission must be obtained before releasing specific student information to anyone other than the student or BYU.