• rachel lott united nations general assembly

    The Best TAs for the Best Learning Outcomes

    We strive to hire the best of the best to TA our courses. Arabic TA Rachel Lott was recently selected to participate in a United Nations General Assembly. Read about it HERE

  • Free Tutoring Services

    We offer free, award-winning tutoring for a wide variety of courses. With over 70 tutors, TAs, and course support specialists, we are dedicated to helping you through rough spots in your courses. Schedule an appointment with a tutor today!

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    Stress Management Course

    More than 90% of Americans deal with stress ineffectively. Learn basic stress management principles, theories, and relaxation techniques by enrolling today in EXSC 410: Stress Management.

Teacher-led courses

Our Teacher-Led courses offer all the benefits of virtual learning provided by our online courses, in addition to direct instruction and one-on-one mentoring. We now have complete French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, and ASL Teacher-Led courses. 

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