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Regular office hours are Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. mountain time.


If you are eligible and want to become an approved proctor, or you want your testing center to be a proctoring facility - apply! Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.


NOT eligible to be a proctor: (*Note: some of the disqualifications assume the applicant is applying for a specific student. If this is false, please disregard them):

  • University professor, elementary school educator, or counselor
  • Relative, friend, employer, personal tutor, or ecclesiastical  leader* of the student.
  •  Athletic coach, assistant coach, athletic administrator, or athletic academic counselor
  • Someone with a vested interest in the student's eligibility to compete in extra curricular activities (e.g. sports, theater, choir, etc.)

*Ecclesiastical leaders who are also full-time educators are eligible to become certified proctors.


DO Once you have determined your elegibility read over the following policies.

  • Exams must be administered at the educational facility
  • Proctors must verify the identity of each student.
  • The exam must be taken in one sitting
  • Students cannot take online exams with unauthorized electronics.
  • Proctors must collect all materials for paper exams
  • The exam must not be duplicated in any way.
  • The exam must be mailed back to our office within one month.


If for some reason you are unable to proctor an exam after receiving it, you are required to call the Independent Study office (1-800-914-8931). In this case, do not give the exam to any other persons or to the student.


If the student is suspected of cheating, call the Independent Study Office as soon as possible.

Before you Apply

First you will need a Net ID. This is what we call a login here at Brigham Young University.

If you already have one, you can go ahead and log in. If not, you can make one.


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