This Advanced Placement course will introduce you to the workings of American government and politics. Major topics include the five areas listed by the College Board: Constitutional Democracy, Civil Liberties-Civil Rights, American Political Culture and Beliefs, Political Participation, and Interaction among Branches. These areas are divided into a total of ten units. In addition, this course will prepare you for the AP U.S. Government and Politics exam by helping you practice skills associated with the exam, such as writing evidence-based essays and answering questions on causes and consequences of political events. Analysis of landmark Supreme Court decisions and foundational documents (AP-required primary sources) will be emphasized.
Course Outline: 
Unit 1: Constitutional Democracy
Unit 2: Balance of Power
Unit 3: Legislative Branch
Unit 4: Executive Branch
Unit 5: Judicial Branch
Cumulative Review 1 (Units 1-5)
Unit 6: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Unit 7: American Political Culture and Beliefs
Unit 8: Political Participatioin
Unit 9: Public Policy and Voter Behavior
Unit 10: The Election Process
Cumulative Review 2 (Units 1-10)