Physical environment, distribution and interrelationships of climates, landforms, ecosystems and their human significance.
Course Outline: 
1. Geography, Systems, and Science
2. Location, Time, and Geographic Tools
3. Solar Energy, Seasons, and the Atmosphere
4. Earth's Energy Budget and Temperature
5. Air and Water Circulation
6. Water in the Atmosphere
7. Precipitation and Storms
8. Water Resources
9. Global Climate Systems
10. Climatic Change
11. Soils
12. The Lithosphere and Plate Tectonics
13. Tectonics, Earthquakes, and Volcanism
14. Weathering, Karst Landscapes, and Mass Movement
15. Fluvial Processes and Landforms
16. Oceans, Coasts, and Wind
17. Glacial Processes and Landforms
18. Ecosystems and Processes in the Biosphere
19. Terrestrial Biomes