National period (1810 to present): independence, institutional development, culture, and inter-American relations.
Course Outline: 
Lesson 1. Introduction to Latin America
Lesson 2. Conquest and Colonization in Latin America
Lesson 3. Colonial Latin America Matures
Lesson 4. Independence, Part I
Lesson 5. Independence, Part II
Lesson 6. Legacies and Challenges of Independence, Part I
Lesson 7. Legacies and Challenges of Independence, Part II
Lesson 8. Order and Progress
Lesson 9. Neocolonialism
Lesson 10. Latin America Identities
Lesson 11. The United States and Latin America
Lesson 12. The Mexican Revolution
Lesson 13. Depression, Populism, and Nationalism
Lesson 14. Race, Class, and Gender
Lesson 15. World War II and Populism
Lesson 16. The Cold War in Latin America
Lesson 17. The Cuban Revolution
Lesson 18. Revolutions and Reactions
Lesson 19. Central America
Lesson 20. Neoliberalism and Its Reactions
Lesson 21. Latin America Today