This course is an introduction to the guitar, guitar technique, the music played on the guitar, and some important icons in guitar performance. It is an entryway to an awesome world of playing the guitar in many styles. By taking this course, you are preparing yourself for a lifetime of making music for your own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. In addition to being enjoyable, learning how to play the guitar will provide you with an understanding of the mechanics of stringed, fretted instruments making it easier to pick up and learn other stringed, fretted instruments (ukulele, bass, mandolin, and banjo) later if you choose.
Course Outline: 
Unit 1: An Introduction to the Guitar
Unit 2: Playing with Both Hands
Unit 3: Reading Tab and Rhythms
Unit 4: Reading Notes on the First and Second Strings
Unit 5: Standard Notation Fundamentals
Unit 6: Accidentals
Unit 7: Full Chords and Strum Patterns
Unit 8: Playing in Other Time Signatures
Unit 9: The G Major Scale
Unit 10: The C Major Scale
Unit 11: A Deeper Understanding of the Fretboard
Unit 12: Keys and Key Signature