In this second course of Drum Basics, we focus and expand on groove drumming. We explore adding more texture and substance to grooves by using open/closed hihat techniques (hihat “barking”) and incorporating the bell of the ride for accented patterns that will take your grooves to the next level. We also dedicate lessons to sixteenth-note based grooves, focusing on new and exciting sixteenth note bass drum patterns as well as technique for playing up-tempo sixteenth-note grooves using alternating hand patterns.
Drums Basics 1 (MUSIC 053)
Course Outline: 
Unit 1: Sixteenth-Note Grooves
Unit 2: Disco Grooves
Unit 3: Bell-Accent Grooves-Downbeats
Unit 4: Bell-Accent Grooves-Upbeats
Unit 5: Alternative Hihat/Ride Patterns-Part 1
Unit 6: Alternative Hihat/Ride Patterns-Part 2
Unit 7: Breakbeats
Unit 8: Hihat Barking-Part 1
Unit 9: Hihat barking-Part 2
Unit 10: Gadd Grooves